Yuvraj singh dating amisha patel

It was somewhere around 1999 and before the release of her first Bollywood film (2001) as a female lead that she happened to meet another upcoming celebrity model, John Abraham.

John was not a very popular face at that time and was more commonly known for appearing in music videos than movies.

When Riya was quizzed about it she gave the run-of-the-mill answer i.e.

‘We are just friends’ but also added that she is not making any judgements and letting things go with the flow.

While Ashmit Patel went underground after the video got leaked, Riya took a stance by acknowledging the video although she didn’t seem abashed by it.

As expected, the Riya-Ashmit affair is now history since both parted ways soon after; strike two one the Riya Sen marriage front.[Read More: Mukesh Ambani’s Marriage]Riya seemed to have then taken a break from her flings and was concentrating on her work from 2005 to 2008.

So, don’t blame sexy actress Riya Sen and happening Indian cricketer Yuvraj Singh for having soft corner for each other.

Since Rushdie doesn’t have a reputation of being a player, having taken all his relationships to the alter, a Salman Rushdie Riya Sen marriage was duly mused upon by the media.

Close friends of Riya acknowledged that Rushdie was in fact trying to initiate a fling with her.

In fact, the most successful movies of her career came out during this phase.

But the lull in her love life was soon about to be broken by none other than Booker prize winning author Salman Rushdie.

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