Xbox 360 gamerscore not updating omni interactive dating

Any data that was saved offline should still be saved on your hard drive, so the actually progress in game progression should not have been lost.I'm sorry to say you have lost the gamerscore you had before recovering your gamertag.

From that date I earned a lot of achievements offline, around 8000G more, but today I decided to log in XBox Live again in my console and when I recovered my gamertag, it replaced everything - my profile is exactly the same I had around 2 or 3 years ago when I logged in my friend's console.With the 360 achievement list, the game will still be restrained by the current XBLA achievement cap of 400 gamerscore.Contrary, the Xbox One achievement list will will have 1000 gamerscore upon release, with an additional two achievements exclusive to the Xbox One version.“We are working towards a bigger, more meaningful change about somebody's gaming accomplishments in history, as a gamer on Xbox,” says Ybarra.“We can do a lot more to reflect and let people show their gaming history and their status.” It’s not clear what Microsoft will introduce for Xbox Achievements, but the company has a number of different ways it could better reflect gamer progress and history.

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