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So long as you make sure to approach the Western Wall through the vehicle entrance area, nothing stands in your way and the ground is even and flat.

Few moments have been so breathtaking as the moment I was able to roll right up to the Western Wall and place my hands on it.

They’ve been there and done that, and now you get to join them. You haven’t really lived until you end up at The End Up on a Saturday night. It’s worth partying all night long just so you can have a reason (other than because it’s Sunday) to enjoy Bloody Marys, mimosas, french toast and greasy eggs and bacon.

All those times you had to train your new girl or guy to recycle, compost and eat healthy food? Your date just happens to know the best little spot in the city. Tell us the best thing about dating someone from San Francisco in the comments below!

Whenever I’m researching new destinations for accessibility, I often search Google for hours upon hours.

Many times, the information is not out there or it’s extremely difficult to find.

As I’ve grown Curb Free with Cory Lee, I have met other wheelchair using travelers and I love hearing their stories about places they’ve been.

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Here are the most wheelchair accessible destinations that these 8 wheelchair users have ever been to: The scenic 17 mile Sonoma Valley, with its spectacular mountain vistas, ancient oak trees, and sunlit valley vineyards, is California’s original Wine Country, dating back to 1824.SF natives know the seven square miles of downtown like the back of their hand and they’ll share the quickest route, the best buses and the most ingenious ways to get around.You’ve never really seen this place until you’ve seen it from the top of Coit Tower or Battery Spencer.Now you’ve got someone to take you there anytime you want.They might live in the city, but when that city is SF there’s an abundance of fresh, local and ethnic food.

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