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The masterclass is designed for Manchester Day artists, placements, community group leaders and key participants, interested in using movement to animate their parade sections.This year's Manchester Day takes place on Sunday 18 June 2017.It's nice to catch up with people when you haven't seen them in a few years. {{Information |Description= Ruth Jones and James Corden at a BBC Radio Wales roadshow.), her workshop will look at how to create movement phrases/motifs that can travel/parade and simultaneously express an idea or concept.Sign up to find out top tips on mass choreography, including imaginative use of formation, levels and much, much more. On the long-running BBC series, she starred as barmaid Myfanwy, alongside Matt Lucas portraying the "only gay in the village" Daffyd Thomas.Unfortunately, the pair are not reprising their iconic comedy characters, but will be starring together in the final series of her Sky 1 series actually, which might have swayed him to do it."But it was so lovely to have him back.

ELEVATE’s masterclass series is a partnership project by Manchester City Council and Walk the Plank's Learning programme.

But the politician was not happy at the interruption, awkwardly saying: "If it's an interview, we don't assume what they're going to say, we let them say it."Usually it's good if you let them answer the question," he added.

Shephard jibed back: "It's an interview and we don't have a lot of time, Barry."As Gardiner continued to explain that the public would have all the answers they needed on Tuesday when Jeremy Corbyn's manifesto will be officially announced, GMB viewers took to Twitter to discuss the awkward encounter.

ELEVATE supports artists and community groups participating in Manchester Day.

One of the largest community outdoor arts events in the North West, bringing colour, dance, music and spectacle to the streets of Manchester in a celebration of all things Mancunian.

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