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In between, one would hope he will get to spend a few weeks with his dog, Larry, in Moy.

Birthday/ Marital Status: Ryan was born on November 6, 1978. He is currently happily single, as far as anyone has been officially told.

Instruments: Voice(singing since he was a small kid), guitar(learned to play starting ~13yrs), tin whistle(he plays this during "Galway Girl"), ?

First “official” performance: First Communion at age seven.

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I don't know enough about SCOR, and certainly don't know enough Irish Gaelic to happily navigate GAA's SCOR website, but I got the impression from the results archive on that site that Moy has not had a history of winning the county competition in this event- it looked like the last time Moy won this title was in 1974, though I may easily be reading the site wrong.Kelly seems to be copied and adapted from the same few limited sources.I strongly dislike gossip, and do not intend to provide juicy details on any of Ryan's private life.Hometown: He is from the tiny village of Moy, County Tyrone, Northern Ireland.According to wikipedia the population of Moy is 2,129 (as of 2013).

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