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He also has a habit of beginning the name of his inventions with "The Von Drake" heading. ", which he has been known to shout when greeting someone or at the beginning of one of his cartoons.

Walt Disney entered into television production as early as 1950.

studio-related Instagram post from Drake that resulted in entire articles being written about it.

In the 1970s, Von Drake appeared as the narrator in "Nature's Strangest Oddballs", and starred in a number of commercials promoting Gulf Gasoline, featuring newly recorded voice acting and animation.Von Drake's raspy, Austrian-accented voice was provided by Paul Frees, who was also well-known as the voice behind the Ghost Host in Disneyland's The Haunted Mansion attraction.Walt gave Frees a hefty amount of freedom and liberty when it came to shaping Von Drake's personality, as ad-libbing was encouraged, much of which was added to the script.In total, Von Drake would appear in sixteen episodes of the anthology series, spanning from "An Adventure in Color/Mathmagicland" in 1961, to "A Salute to Alaska" in 1967.The latter episode was also the last to feature Walt Disney as the host, who died months prior.

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