Who is dating from american idol sean spencer is dating

Because I really do think he has the best interests of the contestants at heart, and that’s what you want from a judge," he tells Taste of Country Nights.

"Obviously, I was a contestant on that show, and what I really loved the most was when I could feel the sincerity from the judges, and they really had my best interests at heart.

I thought this is exactly what my good friends and I needed…a night of good ‘ole singing! For a night of good karaoke, you can do this date as a couple or a group. There is actually the greatest website out there called Ok, now on to the night…Get that singing voice warmed up with yummy food.

I couldn’t remember the last time I broke out in song in public…. We are lucky enough to have the actual game, American Idol for Playstation. Each time my neighbors and I get together, we each bring one treat to share. I have to say…they are simply divine…pretty much heaven on earth, plus they are SUPER easy to make.

Once the Oreo balls are somewhat firm, then dip in your favorite melted chocolate.6.

"I should go." The 22-year-old movie star gave Mc Donald a hug and then walked away, leaving him to ask, "Is she a famous actress or something? "Taylor has only said hello to some of the ‘Idol' contestants when he has been in the same room as Nikki when she has been Skyping with her boyfriend," their source said.

KELLY is dating former American Idol finalist TRENYCE COBBINS, according to reports.

Place the chocolate dipped Oreo ball on plate to cool. Now the We started the night by each picking one song we wanted to sing.

We each took one turn and then after everyone had a turn, we went for round two! My man is a little shy, but we even got him to participate!

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