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Thankfully, in 2010, guild members deemed the supermajority rule unfair and voted overwhelmingly to abolish it." In a phone interview, Wagner praised the work Greenfield did as director of "The Girl Next Door," but said he sided with the WGA decision on the script's attribution. It's based on dramatic construction, character relationships, original and different scenes, some dialogue.You needed a two out of three majority, I believe, to get the decision.It's something that helped our career, and the movie is fun.

Luke Greenfield was doing data entry for Disney Interactive in the late 1990s, "broke and starving," in his words, and waiting for the chance to make good on his childhood dream of becoming a director. "Peter Cramer, an executive with New Regency, saw my short film and wanted me to direct this Tom Green movie called 'Freddy Got Fingered,'" Greenfield said.

He saw dozens of actors and actresses in an effort to cast the lead roles. "We were looking for a real kid," Greenfield said of the Kidman role.

"Even to this day, I'm just finishing my fourth film, and I continue to run into actors who I worship who tell me they auditioned for 'The Girl Next Door,'" Greenfield said. "We were not looking for a movie star." Greenfield became aware of Hirsch after Mali Finn, the film's casting director (who died in 2007), snuck him a video of the 17-year-old's audition for Gus Van Sant's movie "Elephant." "Mali’s way of casting was not reading, but bringing in these kids and just talking to them," Greenfield said. He was sitting on the floor, talking about how he writes rap songs and his high school experience and girls. That's the fucking kid.' Mali looked at me and said, 'You're never going to get him.

It's practically tailor-made for this era of nostalgia: "Eight Actors You Totally Forgot Were In 'The Girl Next Door'" is a viral post that should probably have 2,000 Facebook shares by now.

To celebrate its 10th anniversary, Huff Post Entertainment spoke to Greenfield, Gordon and others involved in "The Girl Next Door" about the film's rich backstory, which includes everyone from Katie Holmes and Brad Pitt to Steven Spielberg and Adam Sandler.

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