Who is coolio dating

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In 2016, Coolio won a Vintage Soundtrack Song of 1995 award for “Gangsta’s Paradise” from “Dangerous Minds” via the Vintage Film Awards.They claim they went to Tesco with the rapper to pick up ingredients and that he washed up afterwards as he is “very particular on hygiene.” In the clip Coolio is seen encouraging the students to keep singing as well as a student playing the guitar to keep going, as he rapped Gangsta’s Paradise. ” His seemingly impromptu visit has been denounced as a publicity stunt by cynics after the five-minute clip went viral.The students described the 1990s rapper as a “great guy” with “some really profound thoughts.” Another wrote: “We decided to take a break from the cooking and have a jam session. It has attracted more than 760,000 views since it was uploaded on Wednesday night.Coolio initially took over the world rap scene through the “Gangsta’s Paradise” release, which won a Grammy in 1996 for Best Rap Performance, Solo. on vocals, was also nominated for a Grammy for Best Song of the Year.“Gangsta’s Paradise” would also be featured on the “Dangerous Minds” soundtrack and movie. It sold over six million copies and was Billboard Magazine’s number one single in 1995.

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