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Henderson-Lewis counsels black couples; she even has a support group called the “black marriage movement.” “There’s this term we use in our world, and it’s called 'scotoma,' and it’s basically blinders, you only see what you want,” Henderson-Lewis said.

Listeners and readers added their own insight as to what Seattle offers and what it is missing for the black community.

For example, a month ago Riley was at a bar-restaurant called Cactus when she spotted an attractive black man. And he kept turning around looking at me for about 45 minutes.

“I was like, ‘Where did you come from, black man that is so attractive? He never once said hello, he never gave the black person head nod – nothing, you know what I mean, nothing!

June offers a great chance for meeting someone in heated discussion; titles include Garry Willis’s Gays go to the theater? Well, someone made a wild guess at Seattle Repertory Theatre and decided to have special events for GALA (Gay and Lesbian Audiences). The incredible team of individuals I get to work beside and learn from every day. Jeffrey’s been with the Pacific Northwest Ballet since 1994, but his versatility still surprises us. Finish this sentence: "I’m looking for someone who…" …is my best friend and really turns me on mentally and physically.

Though next season’s titles and prices are still being decided, you can call the box office for a Rachel works as the Camp Erin and development associate for the Moyer Foundation. The moments when I step back and look at the work we accomplish together and how it helps thousands of kids in distress every year. Graduating college with honors, getting my job with the Moyer Foundation, and being a part of the national expansion of Camp Erin. Playing in the ocean or playing in the mountains is a car ride away. And we’re not the only ones: Tony-winning choreographer Susan Stroman was so impressed with this principal dancer’s swoon-worthy soft-shoe that, last April, she found a way to work his hoofing into the world premiere of her spirited jazz paean What’s the best part of your job? If you could go on a date with any celebrity, who would it be? If you could be any celebrity, who would you be and why?

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