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Relationship between consequent records shall be such, that removing an element would not pass undetected.

The storage shall be decentralized in a way, that all elements of the system carry some version of the blockchain.

There are numerous Io T manufacturers and application development companies, and thousands of already deployed Io T devices that potentially can be used by the attackers, as it recently happened several times. I will show how to use the most popular conceptual approach today – a blockchain, put on it the proven technology of the Internet – the PKI, and with that limit access to the devices to mutually authenticated sessions, where both identities: of the requestor and the device are cryptographically verifiable.

The technology used in this blogpost was developed in

Register for our webinar organized by Global Sign and There is a bunch of technologies used in this post.

Public Key Infrastructure – ecosystem that allows creation and management of digital certificates (X.509).

Globally maintained by CAs (certificate authorities), that provide tools to keep the PKI up and running.

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