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With a bit more effort and functionality we can achieve it as follows : In our form processing in PHP we store value for technologies as well.So, we have successfully validated and submitted the form.We have many mature frameworks available to handle all these functionalities and abstract them.If you want ot go and develop a app, go for some mature framework.This is a basic form handling approach that should be followed while writing procedural php code.But, this is not the recommended approach for large scale web apps.

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But, still we haven’t being able to repopulate our selection for radio button.

I would like to show an alert if no check box was checked in a field.

The idea is that at least one check box should be checked.

This article assumes a general understanding of HTML and Java Script.

(16 printed pages) Introduction Getting Started Writing the Validation Script Connecting the Form to the Script Associating Form Fields with Custom Script Code Listing Conclusion When you create forms, providing form validation is useful to ensure that your customers enter valid and complete data.

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