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Kevin specifically asked for a payment processor for ADULT products, which Shopify Payments won't process.

My logic: if no mentioning of your website/product is transferred from Shopify to Pay Pal during the transaction - then you're safe, and Pay Pal won't be able to do anything about you.

If Shopify can't get off their moral high-horse and refuse to take our money, the least you could do is point us in the direction of a processor to use instead of your whole list of processors.

On a side note, it's absurd and offensive to those of us who run legitimate adult products companies to be lumped in with child pornography content and illegal sexual services vendors: https:// Sexually-oriented products or services categorized as: Hi guys!

Because they can't block '' address from their business LOL.

But if a single piece of information leaks to Pay Pal that would refer them to your website and your products - that's a full stop.

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