Updating firmware linksys router

On the positive side, this means your router will update automatically and you won’t need to do anything about this yourself.Modern routers often offer automatic updates, and you’ll want to leave this option enabled — or enable it if it isn’t already.Depending on your router, you may have to install these yourself.To install firmware updates, you’ll need to access yhour router’s web interface in a web browser.I’ve personally noticed this in every ISP-provided router I’ve ever gotten my hands on.As on my current Comcast Xfinity router, there’s no way to updgrade it yourself.Quite a few routers are actually built on top of Linux, and that means security vulnerabilities in the Linux kernel or related software — like the Shellshock bug in the Bash shell — could affect your router.

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These are essentially an alternative, community-created operating system that will run on your router.You can speed up the search for your router’s firmware-upgrading options by performing a web search for your specific model of router and “firmware update” to find instructions.But you should get a pretty good idea of what your router requires after browsing through its web interface.You’ll often be able to find the firmware-updating information under “Firmware Upgrade,” “Software,” “System Update,” “Router Upgrade,” or a similarly named option.On home routers provided by your Internet service provider, there’s a good chance your router is set to receive automatic firmware updates provided by your ISP.

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