Updating acura software

Once it arrives you just eject the old version and insert the new disc.The dashboard navigation system will recognize that you are trying to load new map software and will take you through each step of the way on the device display.If a problem occurs during an update, do the following to minimize the chances of damaging the control unit/module: IMPORTANT: Keep the ignition ON.NOTE: Unnecessary or incorrect repairs resulting from an update (rewrite) will not be covered under warranty.

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Cars and vehicles which accept the new Acura Navigation update disc are as follows: The new Acura DVD covers the years from 2001 through to 2016. If it has GPS and it needs new maps then the new navigation disc and DVD map updates will work for you. The different discs available are: It’s really simple; you buy a new cheap Acura Navigation Disc from HERE and they will send it out in the post to you as quickly as possible.If communication is disrupted during rewrite, permanent control module damage may result.UPDATING TIPS AND PRECAUTIONS NOTE: If the vehicle’s 12-volt battery drops below 10 volts during the update, the programming status bar may go past 100 percent, or the updating tool may display an error message.This has the knock-on effect of adding more miles onto their road trips each year.So by having the new Acura Navigation DVD you will ultimately spend less time behind the wheel, save on fuel costs, and subsequently even help to reduce your carbon footprint and CO2 emissions.

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