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Explain to your child that you should never share your full name, age, phone number, address, or any other sensitive information online.Encourage your child to come directly to you if a stranger ever reaches out to them online, if they are experiencing online bullying, or ever feel unsafe in any way.Know that by tending to your emotional wellbeing, you are giving a tremendous gift to your children: the gift of a calm, present parent who is unburdened by pent-up emotions. Set a nightly alarm on your smart phone to remind you, as the parent, to get the bedtime process rolling on time. [ ] Make sure that your computers, laptops, tablets, and other devices are kid-safe.Educate yourself and learn how to block potentially harmful websites to protect your child. It’s the perfect season to cleanse, spruce, reorganize, and renew your world, too.Make sure that every member of the household (grown ups, kids and teens) understands what is expected of them.If any chores need to be changed, swapped, or revisited, now is the time! [ ] Decide upon reasonable, age-appropriate consequences for not completing chores or complying with curfews and rules.

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It might be a good idea to go get ice cream and have a little fun while you answer these questions.

Monitor your child’s computer usage by placing the family computer in a common area, like the kitchen or living room, where you can be present at all times.

[ ] Have a conversation with your child about online safety.

[ ] Evaluate your own social media and Internet habits.

Check in with yourself to see if you are over-connected to technology — texting during dinner or peeking at Facebook during family time.

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