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The project will give viewers a unique perspective of the eclipse from 100,000 feet above the Earth, organizers said.

The outdoor camera requires a installation fee and the doorbell camera requires a installation fee in addition to the cost of the cameras.

An entirely cellular setup means that your system communicates via cellular signals, rather than relying on a landline or Wi-Fi, which are susceptible to criminal wire cutting and power outages.

Regardless of the payment plan you choose, Vivint simplified its three packages down to just two.

Although both its equipment costs and monitoring fees tend to be higher than those of other companies, Vivint offers flexible payment options to make its services accessible to more people.

We’ll go into more detail about its payment options below, but essentially, Vivint gives customers the option to either pay for equipment up front with no monthly contract or to finance their equipment, paying for it over the course of either a 42- or 60-month contract.

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