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One day Jeb accuses Adam of having shot a colt he was riding. Callum says it was deer hunters, but she knew it was her one-armed brother-in-law Grant Callum (Dean Jagger), who seems determined to kill the boy but now agrees to let him grow up.

When Jeb (Robert Mitchum) reaches adulthood, he loves Thor but still has a wary relationship with Adam (John Rodney).

Thor Callum (Teresa Wright) enters the place, finding Jeb Rand (Robert Mitchum), who seems to be the subject of the title.

The movie opens with a scene in a long-derelict ranch house in Glorieta Township, New Mexico Territory, early in the 20th century.

It was also an exciting time for land developers, but such an atmosphere also planted seeds for the unscrupulous who cheated people out of their hard-earned money.

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He becomes a war hero and is wounded, returning to the Callum ranch.He initially lived with a Shoshone woman, partly to cement trading relations with that group.This became a pattern with him and he is known to have had relations with four different Native women who bore him at least twelve children.Robert Mitchum does well as Jeb Rand, the Heathcliff figure, although he is mostly impassive.Teresa Wright is too sweet-seeming an actress to make the vengeful Thor believable, and, as written, seems to change her motivations abruptly more than once.

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