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Two things recently happened to me: I fell in love with Free BSD and I got a new job (and will be moving to Malaysia very soon!

) At the new job I will mostly be dealing with Perl and, considering it's not the language I'm most familiar with, I was looking for a small project to practice it. It's a web feed that keeps track of the /usr/ports/UPDATING file.

figure out what needs to be upgraded and in what order, but not actually do it.

It's been copied and imitated by others, and is the basis of Open BSD's ports, Net BSD's pkgsrc, Dragon Fly BSD's dports and even Gentoo Linux's portage. After that, you can keep your tree up to date by issuing: For more information and options, see the portsnap man page.

To install an application, you change to that application's directory and do the following: But obviously it's less typing to combine them into one command.

The "config-recursive" option will allow you to configure all the options you want the application built with.

It also does the same for all of the dependencies of that application.

You can enable and disable options through a nice curses-based menu system.

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