Playboy girl dating someone from bubba

Ashley posed nearly nude (g-string only) at times ...

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Crystal on their relationship When I asked Crystal Harris whether her relationship with Hefner was sexual, she looked at me for a moment.

On how Kimberley Conrad cheated on him Hefner now says that his 1989 marriage to Kimberley Conrad, January Playmate of the Month the year before, was an attempt to seek refuge — a “safe harbor from the waves.” “I was not well, and I felt my years,” he told me.

“I felt much older then than I do today.” He and Conrad broke up in 1998, though they did not divorce until 12 years later.

By his own lights, having purged himself of the shame and hypocrisy that is part of most Americans’ sexual baggage, he leads a life that is exceptionally honest and moral.

It’s also a life that is exceptionally well documented.

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