Page validate not validating custom validators

Because the validator is validating a hidden field, I cannot set the hiddenfield in the Control To Validate property.Is there a way to force client-side validation of a custom validator in javascript?I've tried both with and without the behavior id settings (using it's full name when not using a behavorid) and all I get is null. The fields of this table are mostly varchar() not NULL, and all fields are defined with default value.Shawn Thank you, it was my own silly mistake that caused it to not work. When trying to insert new row with empty values I get required validation on all fields.I have assigned seperate validation groups for submit button and validators in each section. Validate() not validating custom validators Hi,when i call Page. Dim obj Conn As New SQLConnection("Server=XXXXXXX; database=Dorknozzle; uid=XXXXXXX; Pwd=XXXXXXXX;")Dim obj Cmd As SQLCommand Dim obj Rdr As SQLData Reader partial validation on submit of each section is occuring perfectly. Validate("my Group") The custom validators in the validation group my Group are not validated, i.e. Is Valid returns true even if the validator failed on page submit. Validate("Tools Implementation"); foreach (IValidator validator in this. Hello guys, When I created a function to do custom validation I tried to use Regular Expression Validator. My code: 1 protected void Evaluate New Gate Way(object source, Server Validate Event Args args) 2 { 3 if (ch Box New GW. Validator Callout server-side validation The toolkit demo says this:" The callouts do not currently display automatically after a server post-back and will only work for custom validators which utilize client-side validation.But now I have to use a server-side validator for validating if a username is unique. This means that you cannot use it with your server-side validator.

CSE HTML Validator is a powerful and easy to use offline HTML, XHTML, CSS, Java Script, and PHP syntax checker, HTML validator, XHTML validator, ...The validation summary and errors only appear for the last group validated or nothing appears if the last group validated returns true.I want all validation summaries and errors to appear for all groups that return a false validation. Partial Validation and Full Validation on 1 page Hi, I don't seem to figure out to combine these two things. The first button is loading according the input of 2 fields a datagrid on the same page.If this checkbox is checked, then I turn the custom validator on (I also turn a lot of other validators on/off here).I know the custom validator is enabled as I check it through the debugger. Validate(), the code for the custom validator is never run.

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