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“I put my patch aside for the kids, and that’s no biggie for me,” he says.

But some question if the change is genuine or just for the benefit of the cameras.

This report was also nominated for a 2015 UN Australia Media Peace Award in the Documentary category and received two Finalist Certificates in the New York Festivals TV and Film Awards.

Sociologist Jarrod Gilbert from this story has studied New Zealand's gangs extensively and written a book on the subject, Patched: The History of Gangs in New Zealand. Like most gangs, they started up as rebellious young men.

When reporter Alex de Jong follows Jamie Pink on his sandwich round to local schools, it’s hard to believe that he’s the hardened leader of New Zealand’s Tribal Huk gang.

“Just bashing people, a few assault charges, the odd GBH,” he lists as the reason for his prison sentences in the past.

the sandwich thing just so runs against the grain of what we expect a gang to do.” Dateline also has a rare interview with Mongrel Mob leader, Rex Timu.

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“So we get a vastly different set of behaviours and a vastly different outlook on life…Read some of the articles involving Jarrod and his work to find out more about the country's gang culture: Ngaruawahia is located at the junction of two great rivers. Maori kings and queens lay buried nearby and today this area still holds great historical significance. Every time the Huks meet, they hail each other using a fierce special salute.JAMIE PINK, TRIBAL HUK PRESIDENT: There has been Tribal Huk for 20 years, before that there were Huk 70s, Huk 50s and Huk 60s and the whole job was to look after Ngaruawahia. We will attack them on the main street, wherever they stop.that’s really admirable, so you can’t put it on for four years consistently.” So can there really be Shades of Good, and Bad, in New Zealand’s gangs?Alex's story, first broadcast in July 2015, was shown again in December as part of Dateline's Best of 2015 series.

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