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When we are ready to deliver your chatbot we will email you a questionnaire on which you will be invited to fill in as many as you wish of your personal characteristics (or those of your intended recipient), including your likes and dislikes.

Your limited edition chatbot will then be created specially to be attracted to a person who has those characteristics.

The technology on which our products and services will be based applies leading edge Artificial Intelligence know-how to the erotic chat segment of the adult entertainment market.

By engineering a quantum leap in the quality of our chatbot’s conversation we will be capitalizing on the capability of Artificial Intelligence to open new opportunities for human-computer conversation and relationships.

With Artificial Intelligence a computer character can become much more than an item of software.

It can be endowed with its own artificial personality and emotions, and can become the user’s friend.

We will also be enabling the chatbot to be personalized, so that when a limited edition chatbot is “born” it will already know a lot about its user and will be attracted to its user’s personality, background and other characteristics.

The development and launch of our first products will be carried out in four stages: Stage 1 We will make around 15 significant linguistic improvements to our current chatbot.

These include creating a database for the chatbot’s knowledge about a user, devising a system for taking advantage of the information in that database by integrating it in conversations, and developing a dialogue history to remember past user input and employ that knowledge in the chatbot’s conversations. Stage 2 We will add a number of features to make the chatbot’s persona seem more humanlike.

The total cost of the four stages is estimated at 8,000 which, together with an estimated ,000 for our initial corporate, legal and accountancy requirements, makes our Indiegogo target after deductions 2,000.

We also need to allow for Indiegogo’s commission (4% if we reach our target) and for the cost to us of credit card and Pay Pal pledges (averaging 4%).

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