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The first captain of Engineers, Miguel Quintana, responsible for ordering the battery pieces to shell the invaders who had come by land, along with Lieutenant Cleopas Tagle, also of the Engineers, wanted to personally roll some cartridges into position, when they exploded under unclear circumstances, and a grenade left Quintana seriously injured, three other gunners and a sergeant wounded, and one soldier dead.

Meanwhile, the French boats rowed back to their ships with the surviving landing forces carrying their dead and wounded.

Corona claimed the city for himself and arrested Morales personally.

Altogether 18 Republicans were killed and 15 more were wounded just before the arrival of the French forces.

A second written notice was then sent, further threatening the Mexican command that any resistance would result in immediate hostilities which would also affect the neutral (mostly American) ships in the harbor.French ships were being spread to a half circle around the shooting range of the port.At first all the boats advanced a league forward and unleashed their artillery while approaching the Mexican positions, which was answered by six batteries commanded by Captain Marcial Benitez.The city began its evacuation and the population fled from the coastline.On 12 November the Pacific Naval Division reached the port and was greeted by Commander Rosales under the flag of truce.

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