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“The unstated message was: ‘You are a mass, you are the same, you will take your rightful place among the working mass in the industrial machine.’” It would take another 150 years or so before widespread use of uniforms in American public schools would be on the table, but the backstory there is not to be overlooked either.

Brunsma goes on to lay out a concise timeline of the American school uniform policy in public education, from idea to implementation.

“They just want to dress differently and not in the same thing every day.” Does wearing the same thing every day get boring for you?

“Yes.” He nods, and again says, “Yes.” Eighty percent of schools in Chicago — including 80 percent of Chicago Public Schools, known as CPS — employ a mandatory uniform policy.

Those private schools were, and are, tony institutions with history and sizable tuitions, where appearances are everything. Whether intentionally or not, private school uniforms denote socioeconomic status, just as standard public school uniforms — i.e., plain polos and pants — do.

” Among the students enrolled in CPS, 37.7 percent are black and 46.5 percent are Hispanic.

Many different schools fall under the CPS umbrella: neighborhood schools, magnet schools, vocational schools, military schools, preschools, charter schools, and selective enrollment schools, amounting to 669 CPS schools in total.

The district’s policy manual stipulates that uniforms can be adopted in any of them.

The state of Illinois has gone more than two years without a budget, and in December Gov.

Bruce Rauner vetoed a 5 million funding bill, a decision that precipitated the board of education’s decision to freeze million in school spending.

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