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It mentions the American Memorial, a lighthouse-shaped monument to the 266 servicemen who drowned here in 1918. A few hundred metres offshore, a couple of low-lying islands form a natural harbour wall. On its grassy top, the ruins of a chapel are dwarfed by the Rinns lighthouse built in 1825 to a design by Robert Stevenson.

The Mill shop is open from Monday to Saturday (tel: 01496 810563).

If you are on the Portnahaven to Kilchiaran road, look out for Cultoon Stone Circle on the moorland (near Coultoon Farm) and Tormisdale Croft Crafts (carved shepherds' crooks, hand spun wool, knitwear, etc.).

PORT CHARLOTTE A picturesque coastal village of whitewashed houses where the street names are still in Gaelic.

The gallery was added in around 1830 and the organ added in 1890.

It was Daniel Campbell of Shawfield and Islay who founded Bowmore in 1768.

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