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” And Ben [Mc Kenzie] had just read for like the fifth lead on a UPN show, but they told us to check him out. We failed to capitalize commercially on it as much as we should have. Aside from Marissa’s death, what was the toughest scene or plot point to tackle?

Obviously, the big moment on the premiere is the line, “Welcome to the O. I’m very inspired by ’80s movies, and there’s a Karate Kid element to that sequence. I had never done this before so there was a steep learning curve for me, personally, and it’s probably apparent in some of the more uneven stretches of the show.

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He was disappointed, but nonetheless he realized his potential and decided to try his fortunes in Hollywood.

Were there other series’ that you looked at as a model for the show?

I was a huge fan of Freaks and Geeks and Undeclared.

I didn’t watch a lot of—ironically—teen dramas, and when we sold the show to Fox, they hadn’t done a show like this since 90210, and so very early on it was always, “If Ryan is our Luke Perry, who’s our Jason Priestley?

It couldn’t possibly be the comic book-loving nerd?

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