Interracial dating in plainfield indiana

There were, when I was in middle school, a few small towns left that were what I would consider "sundown towns".

If there were any blacks in the park, they headed home when it got dark. I am biracial and I am friends with both white and black people.

People here pride themselves on being color-blind and then say the most stupid racist stuff. I have had to point out what seems like blatant racist stuff to people that are convinced they don't have a racist bone in their bodies. There is a smug need to be the I was born, 1977, and raised in a small town in Indiana.

If a white person ignores you, don't get offended because just because someone ignores you doesn't mean they're racist.

Just remember the same race as you can also ignore you, hit you, beat you, etc.

The klan was still very active all around the small towns where I grew up.

There would be rallies on our court house lawn every year through my time in high school.

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