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” Grant just as quickly answered, with Meade receiving the message at pm (OR XLVI, P3, p.

397): “Generals Wright and Parke should both be directed to feel for a chance to get through the enemy’s lines at once, and if they can get through should push on to-night.

Humphreys and Ord on the left center didn’t feel like they could successfully attack with their forces.

Neither did Godfrey Weitzel and the 8,000 men he could spare north of the James.

As the night wore on, however, orders quickly changed as Grant reacted to developments out on Sheridan’s flank.

397): “Captain Hudson has just returned from Sheridan. He has Steuart’s and two other brigade wagon trains, &c., and is pushing now.

Meade quickly shot back a message to Grant at pm, asking for clarification (OR XLVI, P3, p.

397): “Your dispatch says, ‘Humphreys is to push now.’ Do you mean he is to attack to-night?

Humphreys must push now, or everything will leave his front and be concentrated against Sheridan.

Inform Parke of this and tell him to be on the watch to go in.” This telegram left Meade somewhat confused, and probably more than a bit exasperated.

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