It’s a country with huge geographical variety, containing a large part of the Kalahari Desert in the east of the country.In the north is the Etosha Pan, a verdant, game-rich area with a huge range of species.The Namib Desert and Skeleton Coast lie along the western seaboard, while the Caprivi Strip is a dramatic, 280-mile-long sliver of Namibia between Botswana on the south and Angola and Zambia to the north that provides access to the Zambezi and the habitat of the endangered Wild African Dog.


Book with The Gambia is a great destination for a winter-sun holiday, and is good value for money.If you’re after a real out-there experience, travel along the Niger River to Timbuktu and visit Dogon villages that have remained unchanged for centuries.Between Guinea-Bissau and Mauritania, Senegal is Africa’s most westerly point.By Time Out Editor Despite its proximity to Europe – just 8.5 miles separate Tarifa in Spain from the Moroccan coast – Africa is far less popular with British and European travellers than faraway lands in the US, Latin America and Australasia.But the continent is vast and there are many fabulous and thrilling countries where tourism is easy and as safe as in any of the more obvious, mass-tourism destinations.

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