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This was done to avoid, if i (Conan) know right, discussion far away from being go related and so not bothering any player that is "forced" to play in the english room to read such things over and over. In any case, im not sure if it was right or wrong, but this is not the point. I for one feel like I have walked into my local Go cafe to find a Brick Wall built across the middle.

15 minutes after i logged in i was messaged "leave the english chat room as a protest, so if no ones there they close it". Trolls are a problem, a better solution for everyone is to ban them. Maybe KGS should have an IRC style chat, i dunno, just an idea : P Patrick B: This has been a long time coming as the old English room has gotten progressively worse and worse.

Today (2004-04-22) there was a big change in the KGS main room.

The room formerly known as the English Room has been divided in two parts: English Game Room and English Chat Room. It would be great if people talked go along with the games and not go along with no games.

ethanb: Well, I'm all in favor of non-violent resistance and disobedience of authority as a means of getting a point across, but I think the "Everybody leave the English Chat Room" isn't very well thought out.

In this case, the system has already provided you with a way to play games in a room with non-go related conversations. Nobody's forcing you to play in the English Game Room if you really don't feel like it. Same thing as the Playing Room really - I always figured the only reason that failed was because most people, in fact, didn't mind the chatter.

Rakshasa: IMO, you can't put 800 people in one room and expect any good results, even if most of them just want to play...

The Playing Room failed because it wasn't the default room you'd start your games in... Grindel: Maybe I'm now considered a troll or wutever.

Originally found under the main rooms, but now residing under social, this room was created to hold most of the off topic conversation on KGS, but the room has been vastly underutilised.It was much harder to get a game in the playing room, so no playing happened there.People that are already using KGS don't mind the chat in the ER to much, perhaps, though we've had increasing amounts of complaints about it lately as it's gotten increasingly bad.If the conversation gets too big or too wild, they may ask you to move the conversation to the ECR.Please don't argue with them, there is very little you can do to change their mind and talking back is an easy way to earn yourself a vacation from KGS.

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