Discrete cams hot

A few selected profiles are now shelf stocked under a new, separate number (like the XE274H-10 tested here).

Nitriding adds at least 0 to the cam’s price, but it’s great insurance if you can afford it. Head Two cylinder heads representative of current small-block street-engine tech were used for this comparo: entry-level iron late-model GM Vortec cylinder heads (casting No.

906), as well as one of the best-flowing bolt-on aftermarket replacement aluminum street heads out there, the Air Flow Research (AFR) Street Eliminator 195.

Vortec castings are the best iron heads ever installed by GM in a stock vehicle.

The camshaft is one of the most important factors in determining an engine’s torque and powerbands, able to make or break an overall engine combination.

Although a major cam company like Comp Cams may offer dozens (if not hundreds) of potential cams for a particular engine family, a relatively small number of profiles accounts for the vast majority of sales.In terms of static comp-ression ratio, generally an aluminum head can tolerate about 1-1.5 points higher static compression than iron heads, so there’s some variability here-but the bottom line is if the engine cranks too low, consider either raising the static compression or installing a milder cam.If the engine cranks too high and you have detonation problems, consider a bigger cam with more overlap.1.They require standard Chevy small-block timing chain sets and (with a roller cam) an antiwalk button.Westech’s Gladiator is based on a late block with provisions for a factory cam thrust plate that mates with a different timing chain and cam nose.

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