Dating upperclassmen

But it’s never too late for upperclassmen to join a sorority.

Round three is also known as the “philanthropy round.” It is on the fourth day and each girl has the opportunity to go to as many as six houses for 40 min each.

Shamp said the process for rushing is essentially the same for upperclassmen as it would be for freshmen, except that sororities are given a quota they need to fill for upperclassmen pledges that is separate from their incoming freshman quote so that upperclassmen won’t be at a “disadvantage.” “So...upperclassmen would not be in the same ‘pool’ as the first year students to take away the disadvantage of the upperclassmen that might have less time to be in the sorority,” she said.

“That could be possibly viewed as a disadvantage compared to a first year student and so that way wouldn’t be at a disadvantage.” This past fall the quota number for upperclassmen was eight pledges per sorority house, according to GLO data. The rest of recruitment is the same for both freshmen and upperclassmen.

Then there are those who have to go out of their way to make things happen.

In Korea, lonely singletons have a quirky dating culture.

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