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Baby we can keep it on the low Let your guard down ain't nobody gotta know If you with it girl I know a place we can go What kind of girl do you take me for? Promiscuous girl Wherever you are I'm all alone And it's you that I want Promiscuous boy You already know That I'm all yours What you waiting for? Furtado called their teamwork something she "had never done before" because she saw the writing process as "extremely freeing" because of his different approach and style.Clayton helped Furtado experiment with interpreting the "promiscuous girl" character and the two-sided relationship she is in.Don't be mad, don't get mean Don't get mad, don't be mean Wait! is Suppress Lyrics && is_ad_rightside; var is_ad_topcenter = !

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In one of the verses Timbaland introduces himself as Thomas Crown.

Their single performances are intercut with several scenes of a dancing crowd, and the lighting changes between blue, green, red, and yellow colors."Promiscuous" premiered on MTV's Total Request Live on May 3, 2006, where it reached number one after spending twenty-one days on the countdown.

After its debut on Much Music's Countdown, it ascended to number one for the week of July 28, 2006.

The lyrics of "Promiscuous" describe the two sides of the relationship that the song's protagonist deals with.

It was one of the first songs Furtado wrote with labelmate Timothy "Attitude" Clayton.

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