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If they don’t have a similar project to yours, ask if they can pull images of a project they feel is similar, Scarola says. Listen for the designer to mention detailed drawings, including a floorplan and interior elevations, a schedule for when decisions about materials need to be made, and often a presentation board with samples.It’s a good conversation-starter to find out if “a mix of high and low” (or any other request) means the same thing to both of you. In addition, Scarola’s firm documents every item specified in a master spreadsheet and shares that with the client.

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Her projects emphasize clean lines, tailored styling, and real-life comfort.

Interior designers earn a degree that includes coursework in architecture and are licensed.

An interior decorator may not have those qualifications, has likely interned or gained experience another way—but is unlicensed.

A good designer should be able to get it out of you by guiding you through photos, asking questions about what’s already in your home, what’s in your closet, or what type of artwork you like.

“You don’t have to understand why you like something, just that you have a positive reaction,” Scarola says.

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