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They have been together incredible 19 years and they are still so in love with each other.On the Valentine’s Day Chyler and Nathan released their duet Nowhere.Lexie Grey in the ABC medical drama Grey's Anatomy.In October, 2015, she began starring in the CBS/CW show Supergirl as Alexandra "Alex" Danvers.Let’s find out about their Married Life and children.On, 2002, Chyler Leigh tied a Knot to fellow actor Nathan West.“I wasn’t aware of Maggie Sawyer before I even got word of this part,” says Lima. After the producers sent Leigh tapes of their top three choices to play Maggie to get her opinion, “My husband watched all three and he said, ‘Number two: that’s your girlfriend.

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“The great thing about is that we’re reaching a lot of social issues [and] we’re doing it in a way that is recognized by people who love the comic book lore and that kind of stuff …American actress Chyler Leigh is famous for her roles Janey Briggs in Not Another Teen Movie and Dr. Since 2015, Leigh is also starring in TV show Supergirl as Alexandra Danvers.Leigh’s romantic life is no secret and her long term partner adores her very much.Together they have worked on many projects such as 'Seventh Heaven' and 'safe Harbor'.Later, West Proposed Chyler and their Relationship began.

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