Bluedating dating application for bluetooth enabled mobile phones

The app exclusively caters to verified Twitter users.Hence its name, which refers to the platform's blue tick community. Whereas other dating services can fall prey to bots and catfish, Blue taps into Twitter's verification system to connect you with "real" celebs.Still, you've got to be in it to win it, and it is a novel new way of meeting people who you'd almost certainly never meet any other way.

This is likely to lead to some level of disappointment and could lead to embarrassing situations where you're suddenly confronted with an ardent new suitor who you're not so keen on.According to the software developers, the target audience for this service is the "young, urban and connected"."The generation that has the latest mobile phones, all with Bluetooth functionality" confirms Matthieu Palmade of Marseille-based Kangourouge.In fact, there's every chance that Blue will never make it to where you live. Not to mention apps such as Raya, Luxy, and The League, which exclusively court rich, famous and educated patrons.Despite rolling out in San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, London and Tokyo, the app won't go live until 1,000 local members are available. There's also nothing prohibiting celebs from just sliding into one another's DMs on Twitter -- like all the other creepy folk on the platform.

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