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There are two different versions of the theme songs, each version having a different opening sequence and slightly different lyrics.As of Season 2, the opening sequence includes more on how C2 was created in the cloning lab.Since C2 arrived, Carl has been slacking off a lot more.However, C2 often does the opposite to what Carl wants.In response to Skye's nearing birthday, Carl has C2 find a job to make some money for a present.

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He talks gangster most of the time, such as, "What up with your fine self? Jamie goes to great lengths to keep C2 a secret for Carl, proving that he is truly Carl's best friend.

Carl² (Carl Squared) is a Canadian animated series which explores what would happen if a teenager had a clone.

The concept of the cartoon is a mixture of biological studies and normal teenage life.

As of Season 2, she wears green along with a matching headband. The show is divided into 4 seasons of 13 episodes each, with the exception of the first one, which includes 26 episodes.

A number of episodes are specials and are not regularly aired; these are indicated.

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