Am i dating a narcissist quiz

Making a relationship work with someone who is so emotionally injured and defensive is next to impossible, so why waste your time trying?

There is simply no way to have a consistent or harmonious relationship with a narcissist.

Sadly, narcissists are also motivated to flirt or elicit sexual attention from others as a means of solidifying their own power over the other person in the relationship.

It goes like this: ‘See how much everyone wants me?

Don’t forget it.’ The underlying message: Don’t forget I have more power than you in the relationship. Narcissists can’t tolerate the simplest whiff of criticism.

Narcissists desperately hang onto the belief that they are perfect, so hearing anything to the contrary must be totally blocked out and denied.

If you criticize a narcissist too much, he or she will simply leave the relationship and dispose of you like an object. If a 24-hour hotline existed for the victims of narcissists, most calls would involve the lack of accountability.

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